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Tori Rodriguez

Thanks for your comments, Joel. Great point about the power of the lessons/ messages we learn from families of origin (and elsewhere!)

Joel Sax

I believe that both nature and nurture play a role in our personality. The hard-wired school pushes the former at the exclusion of the latter and claims that anyone who suggests the latter plays a part is off in Happy Unicorn Land. I suffer from bipolar disorder. I have found that it is impossible to manage my disease without attention to both aspects. Likewise, when it comes to my gender, I find there to be biological imperatives, but they don't necessarily turn me into a rapist: that can only happen if I allow a certain kind of mythology to invade my head and guide my hormones. We are not damned by our genes. Personally, I have found my upbringing -- all the things I was told -- to be a stiffer challenge than my raging hormones and I don't doubt the same is true for women. So I agree with you: any philosophy which allows us to see beyond the mere mechanics of our bodies can only empower us and make us better people.

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